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Veteran Links

Some Gave All, All Gave Some

This page is dedicated to the over 58,209 of our brothers and sisters who fell in Viet Nam.

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Run to the Wall - Paul Revere and the Raiders' new CD - ALL proceeds to help vets.


Gulf War Syndrome
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Gulf War
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Medical Resources for Veterans

Veteran Mesothelioma (Asbestos Exposure)
The Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center (another great resource)


Commercial Sites

American Veteran Collection
Sampan Import Company
Authentic Militaria
US Medals & Insignia
LZ Nam Military Merchandise


Count Your Stars - Vietnam Campaign Periods

(With 4 bronze service stars denoting 4 specific campaign periods)

Authorized on July 19, 1965 and awarded to all service members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, between July 4, 1965 and March 28,1973, served in Vietnam and the contiguous waters, and airspace, in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia or airspace in direct support of military operations in Vietnam. Personnel previously awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for services between July 1958 and July 1963 could exchange these medals for the Vietnam Service Medal.
1.  Vietnam Advisory Campaign - 15 March 1962 - 7 March 1965
2.  Vietnam Defense Campaign - 8 March - 24 December 1965
3.  Vietnamese Counteroffensive - 25 December 1965 - 30 June 1966
4.  Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase II  - 1 July 1966 - 31 May 1967
5.  Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase III  - 1 June 1967 - 29 January 1968
6.  Tet Counteroffensive - 30 January - l April 1968
7.  Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase IV - 2 April - 30 June 1968
8.  Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase V - 1 July - l November 1969
9.  Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase VI  - 2 November 1968 - 22 February 1969
10. Tet 69/Counteroffensive - 23 February - 8 June 1969
11. Vietnam Summer - Fall 1969 - 9 June - 31 October 1969
12. Vietnam Winter - Spring 1970 - 1 November 1969 - 30 April 1970
13. Sanctuary Counteroffensive - 1 May - 30 June 1970
14. Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase VII  - l July 1970 - 30 June 1971
15. Consolidation I  - 1 July 1971 - 30 November 1971
16. Consolidation II  - 1 December 1971 - 29 March 1972
17. Vietnam Ceasefire Campaign - 30 March 1972 - 28 January 1973

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