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by Boo on Wed, Aug 26 2020 7:58 PM
Due to this damn Covid. That is not only taking lives but trying to destroy our county, the Veterans weekend at the Campground has been cancelled. Several of us are going to be out there for a month, 9/15 - 10/15, regardless. Not sure about the Indian Fair, any questions, contact me.
RE: Cherokee
by RICHARD D HINKLEY on Fri, Aug 28 2020 10:32 AM
I think most of the darn people in this country have lost their damn minds. Spent 15yrs in the anti-infective RX industry. This is an exercise in government control brought on by democrats. They are trying to capitalize on China's biowarfare trick wear they cut off Wuhan province from the rest of China but let th4m go to the USA and EU. This was an attempt to stop Trump and the USA's growing economy as China's was being hit hard. I do not think our governor is worth a sh$t and he can shove his mask up his A$$ along with his government control. Realize South Dakota never shut down and they are fine. Liberal leaders are not leaders, they are mice. Sorry to just spout but this whole covid crap is making sheep of everyone. I will never be their sheep.