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Possibly membership

Possibly membership
by Byron SKYNYRD Terry on Sat, Mar 23 2024 1:09 PM
I was approached by one of you're brothers that is a friend of mine he
Ask me if I might want to join the chapter in Waynesboro VA
I once was in another club not so much like yours.if you know
What I mean no disrespect to any club that club just wasn't
For me at the time ,I saw a brotherhood not so brotherly
This is the reason I resigned from that club ,that is all
I'm really concerned I do have a big twin Harley Springer
Just wondering if I can have conversation with member
That has been around for a while and see if this might be
Something I would enjoy ,I am a firm supporter of the US MILITARY
And law enforcement, I might be interested if I could just have a combo
With a long standing member thank you ,
Also I wish to think all you're members for there sacrifices and service
To this country GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Byron SKYNYRD Terry